Monday, April 13, 2015

Taupe Suit

This suit was made using the "Something's Got to Give" pattern.  I planned on clipping the fur like I did in these photos.

But I think I ruined my clippers because they weren't cutting the fur well.
So I started over using the untrimmed fur for a lovely fluffy look.

The hat is a fur circle like in this photo.
The collar and cuffs are detachable.
Madra is modeling the suit with the hat and muff set from AD Gene's Hat and Purse Set #4.  This hat and muff are NOT INCLUDED in this sale.  I just wanted to show how well it matches the suit.
I wish I had a better photo of the set.  This set is not for sale.
You are purchasing the suit, and hat that are in the first picture only.  The suit is made of lightweight wool and is completely lined.
Doll, shoes, jewelry, and muff and hat set are not included.
$90.00 plus $6.50 shipping ($11.50 international)

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